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– I’m very worried – VG

– I’m very worried – VG

The refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, caught fire. Katherine D., a former ground worker at the camp. Harsagar, where more than 600,000 people live together.


– I am very worried that the Red Cross employee VG.

A fire broke out in a refugee camp in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar on Monday. Photos of the site show high levels of black smoke and people fleeing.

Katherine Tranberg Horsecker, currently working for the Red Cross, has worked for the UN for two years in a related refugee camp. He worked there, among other things, to make sure the fire was made.

The camp covers an area of ​​13 square kilometers and can accommodate more than 600,000 people. The whole population of Oslo can be compared to placing one area with the city of Bodo.

– The tenants of these tenants have almost nothing. They depend on aid agencies and Bangladeshi authorities. When they lose their homes and belongings, they become more vulnerable. This is a type of situation that has been warned about for a long time, says Horsacker.

– People live very close

The parts that are now on fire are particularly densely built and can accommodate about 123,000 people, Horsacker explains to VG.

– The fire has now spread, affecting five clay parts so far. People live so close here that all the houses are made of bamboo, says a former UN employee.

He believes the fire was caused by an explosion in a gas canola commonly used for cooking. He points out that it is 30 degrees in the air and there is no rain, which further increases the risk of explosion and fire.

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There has been a small fire in the same camp before, but there is no such thing, says Horsaker.

– This is the biggest fire we have ever seen. Most have lost their homes, at least 30,000 so far, Horsacker says of the fire.

Great fire in a refugee camp in Bangladesh: – I am very worried Photo: UNHCR Bangladesh Handout / UNHCR Bangladesh

No running water and only available on foot

Firefighters, the military and police are said to have rallied after reports of the blaze, the NDP writes.

It is true that there is a fire brigade in the surrounding village, but it is not a question of particularly big powers, Horsaker tells VG.

– Most of the camp is accessible only to livestock, and there is no running water. The Red Cross worker explains that all water is in wells and rivers.

Attached: Katherine Tranberg Horsehair now works with fire preparation in an area of ​​the camp that is on fire. She is also very concerned about the situation of everyone who is losing their homes now because of the risk of infection, but because the rainy season is in a corner. Photo: Private

The Red Cross is on the ground and has the contribution of 500 volunteers. In addition, in recent years, they have worked to train 3400 people in refugee readiness and fire response.

Evacuations have begun in numerous camps. Our volunteers are involved.

More than 1 million Rohingya Muslims live in slender houses in huge camps in Cox’s Bazar, 300 kilometers from the capital. Nearly 750,000 of them crossed the border when the military attacked them in Myanmar in 2017.

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