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Immunization rate increased to 71 percent

Immunization rate increased to 71 percent

“About 14 percentage points have exclusive immunity due to surviving Covid disease,” say experts from DWH, a branch of the Vienna University of Technology (TU). According to the analysis, over the past few weeks, the proportion of those vaccinated who gained protection through an undetected infection has increased. Researchers recently noted that this group is growing faster than those who have gained an immune response due to a proven disease but have not been vaccinated.

The immunized population, which has now grown to more than two-thirds, reduces the effective reproductive number — the average number of people infected by an infected person — by about 64 percent. As the very high wave of infections that began in November has subsided, it can also be assumed that the number of unreported cases is lower than at the beginning of November. At the time, Popper and his team estimated that apart from about 50,000 active cases of Covid 19 at the time, there should have been about 175,000 additional infected people. As of December 1, there may be around 100,000 undiagnosed infections in addition to about 130,000 currently active cases.

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