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In France, vaccination supporters are now demonstrating against vaccination opponents

In France, vaccination supporters are now demonstrating against vaccination opponents

Now vaccination advocates are taking to the streets, too. They are protesting against vaccination opponents. Proponents of the coronavirus vaccination are calling for a demonstration in Lyon on Monday. In the face of ongoing protests by anti-vaccination activists, co-organizer Jacques Boucaud of France Info said it was about showing they were in the minority. “We decided to make our voices heard and show that we’re ready to get vaccinated.” A large part of the population wants to get out of the situation in which they have been stuck for a year and a half.

Vaccination “No Dictatorship”

“We know the interpretations of scientists and the studies of real experts that show that vaccination is the only way out of this epidemic.” There is talk of “resistance” and “dictatorship”, but these words have meaning. “Talk to Afghans about resistance and dictatorship.” The call to the demonstration bears the slogan “civil brotherhood, all fortified for greater common liberty.”

Vaccination opponents are again protesting

In France, tens of thousands of people demonstrated again on Saturday against stricter coronavirus rules in President Emmanuel Macron’s government. According to the Ministry of the Interior, about 160,000 people took part in about 200 demonstrations across the country. A week ago, 175,000 participants were reported, the previous week 215,000. Apart from the mandatory vaccination of health care workers, the protests are directed against the so-called health passport to prove vaccination, cure or negative test. This should be presented when visiting various facilities, in cafes and restaurants, and on long-distance trains and planes.

There are also protests against Covid vaccination in Italy and Germany.

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