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In Meiselding you can let your beetles “fly”

In Meiselding you can let your beetles “fly”

It is often found in sky blue, red, white or elegant black. the beetle – that is, the car – is always in season, and you only stay inside it in the winter. “It's not possible to go out at these temperatures,” says Monika Eberlein, an enthusiastic Beetle owner with her husband, Günter. Eberlin lives at home in Misselding; The former business economist grew up there and moved to her home country from Germany when she retired. In this context, she also assumed leadership “1. Carinthian Volkswagen Beetle Club. By the way, it's in women's hands: Eberlein runs the club with Vice President Edith Wildhaber.

Drive the Beetle and the club: President Monica Eberlein (right) and Vice President Edith Wildhaber

© Geert Koestinger

In the recent past, the club has been given a bit of a boost, as sometimes happens with cars: the club had a new homepage, a regular Facebook and Instagram presence, as well as new club kits. “The Beetle is now a cult again anyway,” says Eberlein, happy to breathe fresh air at the club, which was founded more than 30 years ago.

Beetle in detail

“The youngest member is now about 30 years old, and the oldest member is 84 years old and has four beetles,” Eberlein says of the current situation. More than 60 members share a love of ladybugs. Eberlein wants to move abroad with the club, and nothing could be easier than using four-wheelers and popular vehicles that have been lovingly restored: “There are no regular tables anymore, we just get in cars and drive together.”

Protecting memorials to the elderly

When it comes to restoration, there is a kind of protection for memorials, and the red label keeps an eye on it. Only real people get that old car. It is original, even if someone restored it. For a true classic, that means: “No other engine, no aluminum rims and no plastic wings,” says Eberlein. If this is followed, the car can be considered a real old man Austrian Association for Military Veterans (ÖMVV) It can be registered and has all the benefits of a noble era, such as: Some driving prohibitions do not apply to antique gems. “But if you have a classic car, you also have a register and can only drive a certain number of days and kilometres.” Eberlein's love for the Beetle began at an early age. “I learned to drive in a Volkswagen Beetle and my first car was a 34bhp Spark Beetle. “After studying business, I really wanted a Volkswagen convertible.” And this is what they found, an old model. “It was a very dilapidated car, it almost fell into the workshop “, the 63-year-old is still enjoying it.

“Bulli” is also there

Making delicious food from a variety of dilapidated materials has remained a fascinating thing over the years. “Our newest treasure is T2 bus from Volkswagen“, says Eberlein. This car – known as the “Bulli” – was manufactured as the “Type 2 T2” from 1967 to 1979 at the Volkswagen plant in Hannover. The last car left the assembly line there on October 31, 1979. More than 2.5 million pieces at the time. The Iberlein couple goes out for a drive in their sleek black van. Time for a makeover. He always manages the roads he travels with flying colors.

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Anyone who lovingly prepares things wants to show off what they have. So did the Beetle fans at Meiseldinger. “We would like to display our cars on the main square in St. Veit,” says Monika Eberlein. A fixed point in the annual calendar: “We will be there at Historima in Ferlach,” says Monika Eberlein happily.