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In Newborn: Tommy Horvat |  SK Storm

In Newborn: Tommy Horvat | SK Storm

Tommy, you've played 80 games for us so far, how do you rate your time with Sturm so far?

There are actually quite a few games. I'm really enjoying my time here at Sturm, we've already played a lot of very good games and won a title by winning the cup last year. Raising the trophy to the sky was an amazing experience for me and my teammates. I hope we can do something similar this year.

We've made a good start in the Championship group and Salzburg are waiting for us after the international break – how will we go into this match?

Yes, the beginning was definitely a success. Now after the international break, we have really tough matches ahead of us, as we have two matches against Salzburg and a home match against LASK. We have to go into these matches with more than 100 percent so that we can maintain the upper hand and beat them in the table.

It seems good that you will also be participating in the 2024 European Championships, what does it mean to you to represent your country at the highest level?

I hope to be part of the European Championship squad. It will be a great honor to represent my country at the highest level and we will see what happens in the summer – hopefully I can continue to impress with good performances.

Let's keep it going: What do you think is possible for Slovenia in the European Championship?

I think a lot is possible. In football, you always see that you can beat big opponents. I hope Slovenia qualifies for the group stage, that would be really good and would mean a lot to our small country.

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