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In the power struggle with China, the US is waving its flag in the South Pacific

Joe Biden sent Secretary Blinken to Papua New Guinea to fight for a security accord in a race with Beijing.

Joe Biden has been instrumental in Washington’s conflict with Republicans over the debt crisis. With a heavy heart, the US President was forced to cancel his trip to Australia and his stay in Papua New Guinea following the G7 summit in Japan. While in Hiroshima he met the Prime Ministers of Japan, India and Australia, his partners in the Quad Indo-Pacific Defense Treaty. On the other hand Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed presence here and there.

Meanwhile, Biden sent Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, where the premier wanted to celebrate the US president’s several-hour flying visit with a national holiday on Monday. Last but not least, the Atlanticist’s assessment of Biden after the dialogue with the members of the Quad, identifies the importance of the region for the United States in the struggle for supremacy against China: “I believe that the future of our world will be written for adults. In the Indo-Pacific region, this message is aimed at China on the one hand, but also at Europe to prick their ears. want

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