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In “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”: The candidate goes home with 0 euros

In “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”: The candidate goes home with 0 euros

“How is the saying 'sunshine' intended to show that everyone is happy and content described? A: absurd, B: flirtatious, C: affected, D: satisfied?”

With a positive answer, student Stefan Severin (25 years old) from Berlin could have crossed the €500 barrier – but things went completely differently: the candidate chose the wrong answer – and had to say goodbye to the offer without a single cent.

Moderator Günter Jauch couldn't believe it when his candidate couldn't answer the already easy question about “all the sunshine.” He mastered the first few questions without any problems, but when it came to the crucial question about the proverb “all the rays of the sun” he faltered.

Stefan decided against “frivolous” and “arrogant” and chose “flirty”. A huge mistake that cost him everything in the end. Using the 50:50 joker, Stefan was hoping for a short-term rescue – but even narrowing it down to two possible answers didn't lead him to the right solution. After the Joker, the candidate remained “arrogant” and “affected.” The choice of the “affected” sealed his fate.

Günter Jauch, known for his dry manner, was visibly upset by the wrong decision made by his candidate. However, it leaves the candidate with one ray of hope: for losers! Gautsch: “When we have five or six zeros together, we do what is called a special zero.” This led to laughter from the audience, and the candidate was able to laugh again, at least briefly. The editorial team then reported back with the statistics – Gautsch read: “I just see that the last zero was in 2021. So now there are two of you. It may take a while.” He sent the unfortunate candidate home with his best wishes: “I'm not worried about you.”


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