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Indication of eye color about oneself

Indication of eye color about oneself

what is your eyes color?

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Blue, green, brown or a combination – in iris The eye can look very different. However it should eye color Not only draw conclusions about Geneticsbut also on Personal let someone.

Our eye color is determined by genetics and genetics. However, many come Children first with blue iris On the world that is going through it melanin pigment And the various iterations in the eye. With a lot of melanin, the eyes become brownwith a few being more susceptible to staining Blue, green or gray. Some people even get it multicolored eyes (central or segmental heterochromia) or two different colors eyes (heterochromia).

There was already some studies carried out the communication between Eye color and its characteristics Or how people of certain colors affect others. A very broad one comes from Researchers from Örebro University In Sweden. They analyzed it 428 different participants. So they found out that geneswhich determines the color of our eyes, as well as our color The frontal lobe of the brain Represent. Among other things, through this close connection, they explain the relationship between eye color and psyche. the following Character traits Attributed to different eye colors:

Almost the most people in the world 90 percentRegardless of ethnicity brown eyes. The nuances range from light amber until Dark, chocolate brown and almost black. Your character must have the following: characteristics Distinguish:

  • self conscious

  • optimism

  • Wafaa

  • Willpower

  • dominance

  • trustworthiness

  • independence

  • passion

with two to four percent Come green eyes in the world’s population rare Before. One of them goes too special effect Who and their carriers become this characteristics Charged:

  • creativity

  • Curiosity

  • adventurer

  • Jealous

  • intelligence

  • Unpredictability

  • gravity

  • enjoy life

Moreover gray eyes, Whether it’s dark or light, come right rare Before. This is why it is difficult for many people class. Usually, however, the following is true Contrasting features associated with them:

  • Serenity

  • kindness

  • self-control

  • volatility

  • isolation

  • friendliness

  • Wafaa

  • passion