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Injury shock! Salzburg's new signing in jeopardy

Injury shock! Salzburg's new signing in jeopardy

Bad news for Red Bull Salzburg!

Red Bull Salzburg are currently at a training camp in Saalfelden, with former newcomers Takumu Kawamura and Janis Blasowich also in attendance.

One of them, Takumu Kawamura, fell to the ground during a training session without any external impact and appears to have sustained serious injuries. The 24-year-old Japanese grabbed his left knee. After a short medical treatment, he was taken away. A definitive diagnosis is expected on Wednesday. This is what was reported by “Crown”.

Competitive game premiere may be delayed

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However, the fact that Kawamura was unable to get up without support raises fears of the worst.

If the 24-year-old midfielder is out for an extended period, it will be a huge blow for the Austrian runners-up. The Japan international should become a key part of the team and stimulate competition in midfield.

On Saturday, Kawamura marked his Red Bull Salzburg debut in a friendly against Western League side Kochel, but his official debut is now in danger of being postponed.

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