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Innsbruck overturns the match against Wehrvar after 0:2

TIWAG Innsbruck High claimed their sixth win of the season in their eighth appearance in the ICE Hockey League to win. The Tyroleans beat last year’s finalist Hydro Fehervar 5-2 (0-2 3-0, 2-0) in their home game on Saturday, with the Hungarians leading 2-0 less than ten minutes later.

In the table, Innsbruck has moved up to second place at the moment. Meanwhile, the Moser Medical Graz 99ers conceded 0:3 (0:0 0:2 0:1) defeat at Pustertal Wolves.

Sharks are fighting back after being left behind

After losing the first third, the Hai turned the game around thanks to their strength with the special teams. Daniel Levins (24), who is back after suspension, is in strong play and Adam Heliuka (31) in a four-for-four tie initially ahead of Brady Shaw (37), who was still playing for Vehrvar last season, too. The lead for the first time in a power game launched by the hosts.

In the final section, head coach Mitch O’Keeffe’s side dominated the movement, with goals from Lucas Barr and Tyler Coulter leaving no doubt about the winner.

In the 27th minute in Pronik, Graz conceded the decisive goals by Emil Christensen (PP) and Anthony Bardaro, after the Stearns were the best team before that. Return is no longer possible. For the South Tyrol team, it was only their No. 2 win in nine matches. Graz will remain ten.

Win2day ICE Hockey League Week 5

The final results:

Val Pusteria – Graz 3: 0

(0: 0 2: 0 1: 0)

Goals: Christensen (27 minutes), Bardaro (27 minutes), Ahl (60).

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Kick-out minutes: 8 or 6

Innsbruck – Vervaer 5:2

(0:2 3: 0 2: 0)

Goals: Levins (24 minutes), Helioka (31 minutes), Shaw (37 minutes / PP), Barr (50 minutes), Coulter (55 minutes) or Harry (7′), Petain (10 feet).

Kick-out minutes: 6 or 14


* Win after extra time / penalty shootout (2 points)
** Loss after extra time / penalty shootout (1 point)

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