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InoBat Auto examines battery assembly and cell production in the United States

The Slovakian battery company InoBat Auto and the American company Ideanomics, which specializes in electric commercial vehicles, are planning a three-phase project to develop and manufacture batteries in the US state of Indiana.

The first phase expects R&D and production facilities for battery packs and packs with an initial production capacity of 100 MW. In the second phase, a commercial-scale assembly plant for battery modules and packs with an initial production capacity of 2 to 3 GWh is planned. The first two phases will be operated by cells from InoBat’s European plants.

The option to build a 4 GWh initial year capacity battery cell manufacturing plant in Indiana is also being explored. The latter must be done “in accordance with future offtake agreements”. In other words: if Ideonomics can better predict how sales of its e-commerce vehicles will grow in North America, InoBat will be able to better estimate when US cell production will be profitable.

According to the announcement, both companies chose Indiana because of “high concentration of OEMs, business conditions suitable for industrial projects and government support”. The Indian government has provided “administrative, consulting, financial and site support” for the project. InoBat does not provide any information about the financial purpose of the Communications Fund.

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For this purpose, InoBat provides details of battery technology: As is well known, the company’s business model anticipates the rapid development of customized battery solutions for customer vehicles. This is currently based on InoBat’s first battery cell development. This is an NCM622 pie cell. Compared to the benchmark cell in Asia, it can charge from 5 to 80 percent to 25 percent faster, with a longer service life of 20 percent and a 28 percent better capacity increase at -20 degrees Celsius.

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There was ideology Earlier this year Invested in InoBat. “This partnership demonstrates our continued efforts to make electric vehicles the natural successor to the movement,” said Alf Poor, Ideanomics CEO of Indiana Projects. “Our mission is to drive the innovations needed to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. Our partnership with InoBat protects future battery distribution and creates a power amplifier for technologies across all our operating companies.,

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