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Insider: Canada likely to supply turbines for Nord Stream 1

Insider: Canada likely to supply turbines for Nord Stream 1

Canada appears willing to offer a Siemens power turbine to be maintained there for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.

Reuters has learned from people familiar with the negotiations. An official of the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy announced that they have information that Canada intends to deliver the turbines to Gazprom.

Ukraine against the delivery of turbines

This was confirmed by another source. The case is considered difficult because the delivery would violate sanctions against Russia, even if the European Union did not impose a gas embargo on Russia. The German government argues that the Russian government should not be given an excuse to cut off gas supplies to Europe by citing the missing turbine. Chancellor Olaf Schultz had said that it was a political decision in Moscow and that the technical reason had been put forward. If the turbine can be used again, the Russian government will not be able to refer to the alleged technical problem.

The Ukrainian government opposes the delivery of the turbine, according to an official at the Ministry of Energy in Kyiv. “The sanctions prohibit the transfer of any gas-related equipment,” the Energy Ministry source said. Offers will be submitted to other European governments. Russian gas will be delivered westward not only via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, the maintenance of which will begin in a few days, but also via Ukraine.

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