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Instant Transfer – Send and receive money in seconds

Instant Transfer – Send and receive money in seconds

With instant transfer Transferring money no longer takes several banking days. The balance is added within a few seconds and the recipient can access the funds almost instantly – across Europe and around the clock.

Faster and more efficient transportation

The name already reveals the biggest advantage of instant transfer: funds are transferred instantly and in real time. With a regular SEPA transfer, the money often does not reach the recipient until the next day. If there is a weekend or public holiday in between, it may take two or three days for the transferred amount to be credited to the recipient's account. For simple SEPA transfers to other European countries, wait times of two to three banking days are not unusual either.

Instant Transfer brings the popular payment method into the modern digital age – regardless of business hours or banking days. With Instant Transfer, money can be transferred within seconds, even at night, on weekends and public holidays. Many premium account holders can use instant transfers without additional fees. With standard and free accounts, real-time transfers often cost less than €1.

Optimal financial planning through instant transfer of funds

The instant transfer speed feature is especially important in situations where time-critical payments are required, such as urgent business transactions or emergencies. The risk of unwanted delay in payment is greatly reduced by instant transfer of funds on both sides, sender and recipient. This means that instant transfer enables companies, business owners and private consumers to plan their finances better. Thanks to real-time transfers, businesses and store operators no longer have to wait days for funds to arrive. Uncertainty about when the money will be received is eliminated. This is especially useful for freelancers or small business owners who don't have large reserves and need to get their money back immediately to keep their ventures running.

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More satisfaction and confidence

Instant transfers provide liquidity benefits to sellers, but customers and consumers can also benefit from their daily payments. Thanks to real-time transportation, the order can be sent quickly especially after clicking the buy button. Aside from the speed advantage, modern instant transfers also offer the option to integrate them directly into the point of sale – online and offline. This makes the entire purchasing or ordering process, including the associated payment, particularly convenient, whether directly at checkout or online when purchasing via computer or smartphone. In the best-case scenario, the loop through additional payment providers, which delays the ordering and purchasing process through login procedures and verification steps, is completely eliminated. The bottom line is that instant transfer and SEPA transfer in real time For a win-win situation in which both sides benefit from the advantages of modern technology and customer satisfaction and loyalty increases.

Conclusion: Modern money transfer in the classical financial system

Instant and real-time transfers represent an important development in finance and a real step forward. This technology brings the speed and high efficiency of modern online payment providers to the traditional financial and banking system, where anyone with a bank account can send and receive money without delay. It enables lightning-fast payments, which is beneficial for both businesses and individuals who want to avoid late payments. Likewise, this technology improves financial planning through instant availability of funds and contributes to satisfaction by ensuring reliable and secure transactions 24/7.

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