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Inter Milan deserves to win in Monza

Inter Milan deserves to win in Monza

Inter secured a deserved 5-1 win in Monza on Saturday evening. The Chiefs can count on two scorers.

Strong performance: Hakan Calhanoglu (right) and Co. won confidently at Monza.
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The roles ahead of the duel were clearly set and Inter left no doubt as to who were the favorites from the start. The leaders played directly and were awarded a penalty kick in the eleventh minute. However, VAR had to intervene. Gagliardini blocked Lautaro's head kick with his arm, and according to video images, referee Antonio Rapano quickly pointed to the penalty mark. Calhanoglu successfully executed the penalty kick (12th minute).

The Nerazzurri had some real intelligence and quickly made it 2-0. Through Mkhitaryan and striker Demarco, the ball reached Lautaro in the middle, who merely extended his foot (14). The hosts from Monza, who were completely overwhelmed at the start, were happy that the score was not already 0:3. In the 22nd minute, Thuram put the ball into the left net from a promising position.

The hosts had a very tough time, but came out of nowhere to get what they thought was an equaliser: a Pessina header after a header from former Bremen player Caldirola. But here too the VAR intervened, it took some time, but then he found a very slight offside. The Milan team entered the locker room with a 2-0 lead.

Well played: Calhanoglu put together the double package

Even after the break, Inter were under control. The leaders continued to play forward to settle this match early. That worked too: Calhanoglu asserted himself strongly, giving Mkhitaryan plenty of space on the left. Thuram skillfully crossed to Calhanoglu, who was running with him, who finished freely from eleven meters (60). An hour later, it seemed that this duel had been decided.

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Lautaro also stays cold as ice

or not? After Pavard missed the biggest chance to make it 4-0 (66th place), the score suddenly became only 1-3. Darmian blocked Danny Motta inside the penalty area and Pessina successfully scored the penalty kick (69). Although Monza tried again after that, it was no longer really dangerous for the guests from Milan. Lautaro finally removed any remaining doubts with his goal from the penalty spot (84th minute). This was not the last point, because shortly before the end, Thuram made the final score 5-1 (88th place).

The leaders continue on Friday (8pm) in the Super Cup semi-final against Lazio Roma.