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International Prize for “Prater Glacis”

International Prize for “Prater Glacis”

The nonconform hotel project planned by Vienna’s Prater has been awarded the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence 2023 in Miami Beach, a new “nonconform” hotel building as its planners. We are talking about the “Prater Glacis” project, planned by the nonconform architecture office on behalf of IG Immobilien: as a joint title of two hotel operators with presence in several major cities.

Super booth from Hamburg and Zuko from Amsterdam. A stunning new building on Vienna’s Prater, where two completely different hotel concepts can unfold under one roof. The building, which was completed in 2021, now has an Austrian nomination FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Award“Oscar” of the architectural world,

Received in the category of hotel buildings. with client representatives I.G. real estate Katharina Kothmiller, Co-General Manager not matchingVictory Cup In the VIII. June 2023 in Miami shore (United State) I put my trust in.

Hot spot in the Prater

Hotel am Prater Glacis is the middle part of a three-part suite, and It is built over a car park that is hardly frequented by people in Messe Wien. nonconform has designed a stunning cube for IG Immobilien in which two operators realize their vision: Superbude offers a site-specific reinterpretation of hotels with a variety of themed booths and rooms. Zoku offers an urban community and infrastructure for digital nomads to combine work and travel at the forefront. The previously used little space of 9,500 sqm presents itself Now as a hotspot Vibrant city life In the immediate vicinity of the Prater, Messe and Vienna University of Economics and Business.

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Katharina Kothmiller on winning the award: “We are delighted that non-compliance with IG Immobilien, hotel operators Superbude and Zoku, has chosen the jury From FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence. It was a great job for us to accompany two individual firms in implementing their vision and to be able to give their ideas a compelling architectural framework under one roof. In Miami, we have been able to show project developers from many countries that successful hotel construction projects are also possible beyond the uniform, monotonous appearance that characterizes the majority of new hotel buildings worldwide. The major international award for our work and positive feedback from experts confirm our approach: Be inconsistent!Kothmiller said.

Urban densification instead of the new seal

An important aspect of applying for an award, but less important in an award ceremony That came The topic of sealing soil and dealing with it as a resource. Katharina Kuthmiller: “Austria is the sad European champion when it comes to land use – nowhere else has it ever been built. Separate car parks are a particularly wasteful evil. Thus, architecturally and urbanly attractive car park superstructures are the order of the day. With Prater Glacis You want We are private and public clients and builders Promote the densification of soil-saving inner citiesAnd the bad good reputation The wasteland has been transformed into high-quality living and entertainment areas.”