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Intersport acquires Austrian owners |

Intersport acquires Austrian owners |

In 2013, InterSport Germany provided economic support to its local sister company and acquired shares. At the time, Sport Eybl was plunged into economic turmoil and made the Intersport cooperative also a losing business. At that time, the Germans pumped a double-digit sum of 1 million euros into Austria. She added that this was planned as a temporary solution from the start, on Wednesday, in a broadcast on InterSport. Intersport’s five largest local dealers have now acquired shares again through a joint venture.

The five merchants are Roman Winninger – who has five branches in Upper Austria and operates a total of 15 locations in Vienna, Lower Austria, and Burgenland, among others -, Harald Tscherne (12 locations), Erhard Fischer (five branches in Vorarlberg), Reinhard Klier ( Three campuses in Innsbruck) and Bernhard Pilz (14 branches in Carinthia Tyrol, STeiermarkt and Burgenland). The new owners will rely on continuity and will continue to work closely with the current management at Wells, according to a press release. Thorsten Schmitz is the managing director of the Procurement Cooperative’s headquarters in Wells.

As for the stock seller, Knud Hansen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Intersport Deutschland Genossenschaft, says: “The Intersport Austria Group has developed well economically in recent years. The group with 350 locations in four countries enjoys an excellent location thanks to a successful reorganization. Through a robust independent service center in Wales and for sustainable development through a healthy dealer structure. ‘

Retransfer posts only makes sense. This ensures that the structure will be returned to Austrian merchants, says Hansen. This is also a clear commitment to agent-managed roots.

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For the five new owners, Harald Tscherne, strongly represented in Styria, indicated the support of the German administration in the context of the reorganization. This has led to positive economic development. “Now is the time to be independent againSaid the group spokesperson and managing director of the owner company Premiumsport Service GmbH. After that, it was planned to submit a bid for the company’s shares to other dealers in the Austria group.