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“Interview of the week” – political scientist Stelgenmüller: Europeans should focus more on their own strengths

“Interview of the week” – political scientist Stelgenmüller: Europeans should focus more on their own strengths

Political scientist and American expert Constance Stelgenmüller from the American think tank “The Brookings Institution”. (imago images / Jürgen Heinrich / Jürgen Heinrich via

Stelzenmüller said he wanted European foreign ministers, heads of state and defense ministers to take a more decisive stance at the upcoming security conference in Munich and at the NATO summit in Washington in July. They must stand up and say that they understand that Europe has more to do. Europe is a region of 350 million people, a major economic power and needs to do more for its own economy and the security of the world.

Stelgenmüller is the director of the “Center for America and Europe” and is active in the “Brookings Institutions” in Washington, the most influential think tank in the American capital.

“Historic Decision in Washington”

Referring to the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, Stelgenmüller said it was unclear whether Donald Trump could serve a second term in his opinion. There are many uncertainties in this election, including the question of who will be the candidate for both sides. However, the political landscape has changed significantly, especially on the Republican side.

Despite several compromise proposals from Democrats, Republicans ultimately rejected the aid package for Ukraine. For them, the Republican Party is firmly in the grip of the far right and Donald Trump, even if he is not even the party's presidential nominee. The rejection of the aid package also marked the end of McConnell's tenure as Republican Speaker of the Senate. That is why this is a historic decision.

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This message was sent on February 10, 2024 in the Deutschlandfunk program.

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