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Investigation - Konstantina Bourdain: "Every second was a great moment"

Investigation – Konstantina Bourdain: “Every second was a great moment”

Noun: The Art Carnuntum global theater festival begins again on Friday. How will you be?

Constantina Bourdain: I put the focus back on the origin. And I want to make the festival shine!

What does that mean: antique theater with modern references?

Bourdain: Old drama is of particular importance to me. And this year we play “Exodus” from the Attis Theater in Athens, organized by Theodoros Terzopolos. It wasn’t easy to get it here. This is also not a tour guest appearance, he does it exclusively for us. Migration is always a look at what was and a look into the future. It couldn’t be more convenient!

Your father, festival founder Piero Bordin, died suddenly in March. Was it already clear that you would continue?

Bourdain: It was a huge shock to me. Actually, we wanted to make a transition…but it was a conscious decision, I worked a lot from the age of 14, and then scientifically dealt with theater as well. I didn’t want a program just because it kept working. The new beginning must have a strong philosophical basis. He also participated in the seminar…

This year there will also be a photo show at Carnuntum commemorating Piero Bordin, under the theme “Great Moments”. What are your best moments in the theatre?

Bourdain: The most important thing for a festival is that it has meaning and content. The best thing for me is the experience of meeting people. Every piece, every evening, every show is always something new. We were outside a lot and it was always so colorful…but every second I spent in the theater was a great moment!

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what do you wish

Bourdain: I’d like some kind of infrastructure, a house for Art Carnuntum, a front door you can knock on. And I wish stability, that the festival remains on safe grounds – not just as stargazing…