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Investigations – VEU Feldkirch in the crosshairs of the Public Prosecution Service

Investigations – VEU Feldkirch in the crosshairs of the Public Prosecution Service

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched investigations into tax matters against the Vorarlberg ice hockey club VEU Feldkirch. According to the “Neuer Vorarlberger Tageszeitung”, the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons are being examined, when the club played in the cross-border Alpine Hockey League. The Pioneers Vorarlberg, which participated in the Ice Hockey League for the first time last season, confirmed that it was not affected, and confirmed the first division club.

According to the newspaper’s report, a marginally large number of VEU players were hired in the two seasons. There is a suspicion that most of the salaries were paid in cash, bypassing the tax office. VEU Feldkirch confirmed the “official examination regarding the tax treatment of players’ salaries” in a press release to the media. The test refers to past seasons, and of course you fully cooperate with the authorities. She added that all papers and documents have been handed over. It is not clear whether or not there will be additional payments.

VEU, which now competes in the third-tier ÖEL, and Pioneers Vorarlberg are two independent clubs, each with its own legal personality. The Pioneers were founded after several years of effort in preparing for the 2022/23 season and have been accepted into the first division – the ICE Hockey League, which also spans many countries. They emphasized that they did not face any formal financial audit. However, there is continuity between the two clubs in terms of personnel. VEU Directors until 2021/22 now hold key positions at Pioneers Vorarlberg.

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The history of ice hockey in Feldkirch is long and glorious, but it is also marked by financial turmoil. In 1986 there was a settlement, bankruptcies had to be declared in 2000, 2004 and 2007. In terms of sport, nine domestic championship titles and one victory in the European Hockey League of the VEU stand out. (appa)