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inZOI: PUBG publisher with a very nice Sims competitor

inZOI: PUBG publisher with a very nice Sims competitor

Crafton can hold a very hot iron in the fire with the inZOI. The life simulation is in the same vein as The Sims, but looks very good thanks to Unreal Engine 5.

South Korea also has a gaming exhibition, G-STAR 2023, and there PUBG publisher Krafton introduced a new life simulator called inZOI. The game is almost similar to The Sims, but it surprises with its great graphics thanks to Unreal Engine 5.

The game’s first trailer at least suggests that the game adopts a number of features from The Sims, but expands them further and spruces the whole thing up with a hyper-realistic look. According to the description, inZOI is a life simulation game where players become in-game gods who can change everything to their liking and experience endless new stories in different life forms.

The game’s trailer already shows off the full range of features. So you can create your own characters and of course dress them up, design their apartments and houses and decide their jobs. Naturally, there are also social interactions through which you can make friends and enemies. There seem to be very few limits, with sports and karaoke available as well as shopping.

From the image in the trailer, it can be seen that InZoi will have a “Director Mode,” which appears to give players control over the character’s schedule, weather, city, and more.

It is still unclear which platforms inZOI will be released for and what release period it will target. If the features presented are implemented with visual quality, Sims can dress warmly.

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inZOI – Gameplay scenes for rival Sims

PUBG studio Krafton, of all places, has released inZOI, a great-looking life simulator in the style of The Sims, but built on Unreal Engine 5 and now there are the first gameplay scenes.