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iPhone SE 3: Apple event in a few weeks

iPhone SE 3: Apple event in a few weeks

Four years passed between the first iPhone SE and its successor. But the third generation won’t take long and, according to Bloomberg, should be ready in the spring.

The new year is still young, but there is already a lot of speculation about when the new Apple products will appear. iPhone SE 3 is expected to be one of the first innovations, according to the latest

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It will be presented by Bloomberg expert Mark Gorman at Apple’s first event this spring.

This was reported by Appleinsider.

Trend 2022: iPhone SE 3 turns the wheel without reinventing it

Even before the summer WWDC there is a spring event in most years, usually in March or April. The second generation iPhone SE was introduced in March 2020, and the first was in March 2016. Last year, Apple held its spring event extraordinarily late and had a lot of its sleeve on April 20, like new iPads Pro, Airtags, and iPhone 12 in purple.

According to Gorman, the new iPhone SE will be the flagship product of the Spring 2022 event. It also confirms what leakers and other experts have already predicted, which is that the external appearance of the third generation will remain essentially the same. Major upgrades will be made below the surface. All the rumors about the third generation iPhone SE

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You will find it here.

In addition to the iPhone, it is conceivable that Apple will take the opportunity to offer upgrades to the M1 Mac. Mac Mini or Macbook Air can be equipped with an improved M1 chip. According to Gorman, the next event will be WWDC in the summer, when the usual updates to the Apple software ecosystem will be presented.