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Iran and the Taliban criticize US influence in the region

According to Motaki, despite the withdrawal of American troops, the United States continued to try to keep the country under political and economic pressure. According to Tasnim, the Taliban’s top diplomat said that this included sanctions that would lead to poverty for 80 percent of Afghanistan’s population.

Meanwhile, during a meeting of foreign ministers in Tehran, news published by the news website Azr-Iran caused a stir. Iran will hand over its Afghan embassy in Tehran to the Taliban. The former ambassador is said to have fled abroad. Both sides denied the report. However, observers in Tehran believe that the Taliban may have seized embassies in neighboring countries.

There are still differences in dealing with the Taliban in Iran. Some political circles in Tehran believe that the Taliban have changed and have not been an Islamic movement for the past 20 years. Others, however, say that recent developments have proven the opposite. In addition, Shiite Iran is a religious enemy to Sunni Taliban extremists.

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