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Iranian rapper Tomaj Salehi apologizes in alleged torture video

Iranian rapper Tomaj Salehi apologizes in alleged torture video

After his arrest, well-known Iranian rapper Tomaj Salehi apologized in a video clip for critical statements.

On Wednesday, official media published a video of the musician sitting on the floor, blindfolded. “You made a mistake,” Salehi said in a broken voice. Relatives had previously reported on Salehi’s website that the man had been brutally tortured.

Prominent critics have already revised their statements after the arrests in recent weeks. Human rights activists accuse the Iranian leadership of using torture to force the public to apologize.

Solidarity against protests critical of the regime

Salehi sings in his songs like “Muselokh” against the Islamic Republic. Corruption is also a theme in his music. In his social media appearances, the rapper showed his solidarity with the protests that criticized the regime in the country early on. Salehi was arrested a year ago. At that time he was released on bail.

Six weeks ago, there were protests against the authoritarian style of government and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The trigger was the killing of a young Iranian-Kurdish woman, Mohasseh Amini. She died in police custody on 16 September. She had previously been arrested by the Al-Adab squad for allegedly violating the Islamic dress code.

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