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Is David Fisher the new Technical Director of Kuwait Airways City?

Is David Fisher the new Technical Director of Kuwait Airways City?

The World Series of Hockey sometimes looks like a giant soup kettle. This is where players, coaches, agents and of course club directors meet. Distances are short, information flows, and discussions are informal. Unlike what happens during hockey season. It is therefore not surprising that the vacant coaching position in Kuwait Airways City is being discussed among major countries such as Finland, Sweden or even Germany, with a high percentage of North American coaches. However, no specific names were circulated.

This, in turn, indicates that the Redjackets are seeking an internal solution. General manager Oliver Belloni did not want to stick to this trend until the end. But what he emphasized again and again: “The new coach should play modern offensive ice hockey. And I can imagine that a young man who has not yet been fixed in his opinions will take charge.” KAC maneuvers itself more and more into the PR dilemma. Since Belloni has yet to make or announce his coaching decision, speculation based on circumstantial evidence is being fired.

Belloni has a high opinion of Fisher

An important indication that David Fisher is talking about as the new head coach is that he actually took over as interim head coach during the reign of Petri Matikkinen. For example when a Finn dropped out of school due to illness. At the time, Fisher was promoted to the bench as an injured player, although the logical internal solution would have already spoken for farm team coach Kirk Furey. Also this year in the playoffs, David Fisher was given the job of leading training sessions for the so-called Squat Taxi (professional team expanded squad)—although Furey was again available as a farm team coach. This shows that Belloni has a very high opinion of Fisher’s technical expertise.

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Whatever the motives of Belloni’s long decision-making process, speculation about the future of the Red Jackets, which has become an issue at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Tampere, can only be ended if the coach’s decision is published in time.