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Is everything alright again with the United States?

Washington at the end of March: Is everything good again in Atlantic relations?
Image: AFP

The relief on Joe Biden is the best in Europe and now has its “dream president”. But has it completely loosened the Atlantic relationship? Not necessarily, explains Robin Nipplett, director of Saddam House in London.

MyAfter four years of true Trumpism in the White House, it is not surprising that most Europeans crossed their fingers to challenge the then-fallen president. Despite the false claims of the losers and the propaganda of his clients in politics and the media, it is not surprising that the Democrats cheered when Biden’s victory was confirmed.

Now “Europe” has its dream president, and in the first ten weeks of his tenure he has already done some things close to the hearts of many on this side of the Atlantic, primarily returning to some international organizations and the renewed participation of the United States in international treaties. Moreover, Joe Biden does not blame America’s allies for all the evils of the country; Instead, he expresses his admiration. Finally, not least, “Germany Bashing” stopped Donald Trump The 78-year-old new man at the White House acted with pathological expression, though he disagreed with one thing or another about German politics. So it is good to ask the question, “Is everything all right again?”

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