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Israel and the United States have signed arms deals worth billions

According to its own reports, Israel has signed a multi-billion dollar arms deal with the United States. The Israeli Ministry of Defense announced yesterday that it has signed an agreement with the US government to purchase twelve Lockheed Martin CH-53K helicopters and two Boeing KC-46 tankers.

Its value is estimated at around 2.7 billion euros. The first helicopters are expected in 2026.

Important tanker aircraft in the ring with Iran

According to the New York Times, Israel recently asked the United States to speed up tanker flights. It said these would be crucial for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, Israel’s arch-enemy. However, the United States has said it is unlikely the first aircraft will be ready by the end of 2024.

Israel sees its presence threatened by Iran. There are current nuclear talks in Vienna about controlling Iran’s nuclear program and lifting US sanctions against the Islamic Republic. This is to save the 2015 nuclear deal that will prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett called on international negotiators in Vienna in early December to maintain a firm stance on Tehran.

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