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Israel and US Confirm: Iran Conducts Drone Attacks

Israel and US Confirm: Iran Conducts Drone Attacks

The Israeli military and the US government have reported that Iran has carried out drone strikes against Israel. Drones were reportedly seen flying over Iraq's Sulaymaniyah province. The leadership in Tehran also announced that a “revolutionary guard operation” had begun. Rockets are also said to have been launched. Israel has already closed its airspace.

Military Spokesman Daniel Hagari confirmed the attacks on Saturday evening. According to a telegram sent by the army, the army is on high alert and monitoring the situation. The air defense system is also on high alert, as are fighter jets and naval vessels. Spokesman Hagari stressed that the army is monitoring the situation and all security agencies are ready. Additionally, GPS reception has been suppressed in various parts of the country.

Dozens of unmanned missiles are said to arrive. It takes several hours for the drones to reach the Israeli border. Air defenses are on standby and flight alerts are being raised in affected areas.

Iraq has also closed its airspace.

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