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Israel, the United States and its Arab allies are planning more cooperation

Above all, in Iran’s view, Israel and its allies want to expand their cooperation with the United States. To this end, Israeli Foreign Minister Jair Labid said today at a summit with his colleagues from the United States, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates in the desert city of Sde Boker that they should continue to meet at the highest level in the future. Emirates (UAE). This is the first conference in Israel: “We are making history today.”

“We have decided to make the Negro summit a permanent forum,” Lapid said. The partnership with the United States “seeks to open a door for all the people of the region, including the Palestinians, to exchange the path of terrorism and destruction for a shared future of progress and victory.”

Historic landmark meeting in Israel

Foreign ministers are gathering for a historic meeting in the south of the country as armed jihadists attack the northern Israeli city of Hadera.

To intimidate “public enemies”.

“We are developing a new regional architecture based on progress, technology, religious tolerance, security and intelligence cooperation,” Lapid said. “This new architecture, the collective capabilities we create, intimidate and deter our common adversaries – especially Iran and its allies.”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen and Arab foreign ministers have stressed that the new regional cooperation is not an alternative to a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians. Blingen said both sides should “enjoy an equal degree of freedom.”

Morocco’s Foreign Minister Nasser Purida said: “We are here today because we sincerely, sincerely and deeply believe in peace.” It is not about a passive peace, but rather about “a fundamental and effective peace in this region setting precedents and creating values”. . Emirati Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Sajid told Lapidit, “Jair, you are not just a partner, you are a friend.”

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