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It is clear that the St. Polten women are failing in the CL qualifiers in Juventus

The final round of the Women’s Football Champions League will be played in October without SKN St. Polten. In front of superior hosts Juventus Turin, the Austrian champions lost in the first-round qualifying final on Saturday night with a time of 1:4 (0:1). Team player Barbara Bonanci almost single-handedly secured the promotion with her double and preparatory work for the third goal. She met Stephanie Enzinger from the “Female Wolves” side.

Lower Austria’s quick start, including the early start and first closing of defender Leonarda Balog (second), ended with a successful counter-attack by the Italians, which Barbara Bonanci completed with snow to take the lead (eighth). . The Italian team player’s second attempt was banned after five minutes. Mattia Zephyr missed the equalizer for St. Polten shortly before the end of the first half when she put a free kick from a promising position to the top of the bar (43.).

Filled with many patriotic players, Juventus rose to his role as the best player over the course of 90 minutes and dominated the match. As a result, the powerful Ponce scored a well-deserved 2-0 goal in the 54th minute with a lift over Isabella Krech who ran out of the gate early. When the striker stopped six minutes after the initial decision by Christiana Girelli, she finally became the winner of the match. St. Bolton came with three pointer revolutions later by Enzinger from nowhere to the next target, but that remained a miss. Substitute Lena Hurtig made the result more clear in stoppage time (92).

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For the Bianconeri, the dream of the Champions League final lives on in their hometown. On the way to the group stage, which will begin in October and culminate in the Turin 2022 final, the final hurdle is the second round of qualifying.

The result of qualifying for the UEFA Women’s Champions League first round: SKN St. Polten – Juventus Turin (Italy) 1: 4 (0: 1). Turin, Juventus Training Center, SR Madrona (Spain). Goals: Enzinger (67), Bonanci (8, 54), Girelli (64), Hurtig (92).