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It is said that Austria hired players illegally

It is said that Austria hired players illegally


Austrian club Klagenfurt employed three players illegally for the period last season. The case was discovered during a routine examination, confirmed AMS president, Peter Wedding. The background is still not clear, and the consequences are not.

The case was discovered during a routine inspection that all companies in Austria, whether industrial or professional, can be subjected to at any time. It was noted that three players from Austria Klagenfurt, one in May and two in June this year, did not have a work permit for a certain period of time, and therefore were not only eligible to play, but also worked illegally.

Players haven’t received a red-white-red card yet

Weding, Managing Director of AMS: “In the course of this examination, we also check whether this person is not already registered with the health insurance company. In this case, when we checked the documents, we discovered that this person was already registered with the main union in a step Verify this. The crime was that you can only register when the person receives the red, white and red card from the residence authority, only then is it legal, and everything before that is illegal.”

In this case, as usual, the legal violation was also reported to the financial police. The consequences of the nature of labor law are equally clear, Vidnig: “The result is that the company or association is prohibited for a year. This means that he is not allowed to employ any of the nationals of other countries, so to speak.”

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No comment yet

It is not yet clear whether there will be other consequences for Austrian club Klagenfurt. There was no official statement from Austria Klagenfurt Thursday afternoon.