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It looks like PSG mistakenly made the transfer of Sergio Ramos responsible

It looks like PSG mistakenly made the transfer of Sergio Ramos responsible

Paris Saint-Germain appears to have caused a strange incident regarding the transfer of Sergio Ramos. The Real Madrid legend’s move to Paris, which has yet to be officially confirmed, was briefly announced on the PSG website.

Meanwhile, a message appearedRamos was happy to get his number 4 shirt at Paris Saint-Germain, as he did once in Madrid. Thilo Kehrer had worn this before him at PSG. So far, the transfer has not been confirmed on the club’s homepage or on the club’s social media channels.

“Out of superstition, I value it very much, because I owned it from the very beginning of my career, then it accompanied me all my life, continued, and brought me good luck and many victories,” said the 35-year-old. PSG TV: “Now 4 is a part of me as a person and as a professional. For me, it is an honor to be able to wear this number at a big club like Paris Saint-Germain. So it will be something very special, my number here so you can wear it in Paris.”

Ramos, who previously played for Real Madrid for 16 years, will get a contract in Paris until 2023, and is supposed to earn around 15 million euros net, which is almost his last salary with the royal team. The center back’s contract in Madrid expired on June 30, which is why he will join PSG on a free transfer.

This was preceded by a long poker decade, at the end of which Ramos was the biggest loser. “I never wanted to leave Real Madrid. After last year’s championship, the club offered me to renew my contract. They offered me a year, and I wanted two. Then I was told that there was no longer any offer. Even if I gave good for the last offer, I was told that it has Expiry date. Didn’t know it”, Ramos explained about his emotional farewell to PK in June.

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