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It snowed in: Guests stayed in the pub for the third night

Because of the snow and wind at the weekend, visitors to a pub in the north of England had to spend the third night in a pub. As Tan Hill Inn owner Nicola Townsend said on BBC Radio Today, it remains unclear when the road to the restaurant in Yorkshire Dales National Park can be cleared. The roughly 60 guests were stranded after the cover band Oasis appeared on Friday night.

Autumn Storm Irwin also caused traffic chaos in other parts of Great Britain and caused many household blackouts. Pub visitors spent time with karaoke, pub quizzes, and board games, Townsend reported.

Many have already booked a room for Saturday night in the hotel’s restaurant. Others slept on sofas or mattresses on the floor.

They came as strangers and left as friends.

“We have a lot to eat,” Townsend told British broadcaster ITV. “It sounds like a bit of a cliché, but people have come in as strangers and are going away as friends.”

Meanwhile, a group of people who gave birth to a baby left with the help of special vehicles. Townsend continued to limit the serving of alcohol until after 3 p.m.

Pictures showed snow accumulating around the cars and the pub building. Townsend added that the real problem was the wind. Obstacles, including the building and vehicles parked around it, fell snow.

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