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“It was clear people were upset.”

“It was clear people were upset.”

“Sometimes things don't work out that way, you have to accept that,” he says. Michael Kugler. Star director ORF has his own ideas and innovations Sports broadcasting It has risen to a new level in recent years. It is no coincidence that Kugler and his team are regularly appointed by the International Olympic Committee to send quintessential Olympic Games images to the world.

Michael Kugler wanted to use the Camcat he installed at Klagenfurt Stadium again New accents hiring. This travel camera is operated using a joystick. “This is what you normally use in Formula 1 in the pits. We have taken computer games as a model. From this perspective, you have the opportunity to always have the optimal seat.”

Harsh criticism

ORF viewers were able to learn about new and – admittedly – Transportation technology that takes some getting used to Don't make friends. There was so much criticism on social media that Michael Kugler froze the Camcat moving images after a good half hour and switched to the still camera.

“After 25 minutes I changed it because we were impressed by the reaction,” Michael Kugler says in an interview with Courier. “It was clear that people were upset and upset. Then we played the game conservatively. We were ready for that. Before people only talk about that and not about the game, we will change that.”

Despite the failed experimental attempt, the future lies in such transmissions. “This is innovative,” says Kugler. “I just remember people complaining about the first drone shots.” “It was said that no one needed it. But it was definitely worth a try. It was obvious that you might get beaten by it.”

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Michael Kugler takes a mathematical approach to this issue. And he already has new ideas in the back of his mind. Sports fans will be amazed by the Olympic Games in Paris. The star director will return to work there and will ideally organize exciting competitions in 3×3 basketball and break dancing.