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It works with these 3 tips

It works with these 3 tips

As we all know, our bodies change as we age. The decreased muscle massAnd the Increased body fat and you need Fewer calories than in my younger years. All are more important a movement and good nutrition From the age of 50, because the right foods and an active lifestyle can happen healthy aging the support.

Try to choose a rich diet ProteinsAnd the healthy FatsAnd the the basic And the Antioxidants He and be more conscious of calories. Also pay attention to the health benefits and if possible Few processed foods. In some cases, you can also use vitamin supplements or other nutritional supplements. However, these can interact with some medications, so check with your doctor before taking them.

You can read about foods to avoid in our article Diet Over 50: Avoid 4 Common Mistakes.

Changing your diet can be a challenge at any age. However, it is particularly difficult to have established eating habits developed over many years. But there are a few things that can help you transition.

These tips make it easy to change your diet

1. Gradually change your diet

  • Changing your diet takes time. So it is better to follow a healthy diet gradually. small changes Easier to achieve and makes the overall transition less stressful and less painful. In our article The Diet After 50: You Should Now Rely on These 4 Breakfast Ingredients, we show you which ingredients you shouldn’t be missing out on for a healthy breakfast.

2. Keep a food diary

  • a food diary It is a record of what you eat on a daily basis. It can help you understand your eating habits and become more aware of what ends up in your stomach. Once you know that, you can change your diet and think about how to do it Healthy alternatives can look like.
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3. Do not miss meals

  • Skipping meals regularly or severely restricting your calorie intake can slow down your metabolism over time. This allows the body to switch into a kind of starvation mode and save calories for later. This not only reduces weight loss, but also affects energy levels. Nutritionists advise people over 50 years old Three meals a day To eat or eat it 5 small meals break up.

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