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Italy ends restrictions in almost all regions

Italy ends restrictions in almost all regions

All of Italy has been a white zone since Monday, with the exception of the Aosta Valley in northern Italy. In this way, the anti-Covid restrictions are reduced to a minimum, and the ban on night-outs falls from midnight until 5 am. There are still some restrictions: the obligation to wear a protective mask indoors and outdoors, but also distance rules remain in effect for the time being.


The condition of the mask remains for the time being

In light of the low number of deaths and new infections, the Draghi government is considering abolishing the requirement to wear masks outdoors as early as July 5. The CTS Scientific Committee, which advises the government on dealing with the pandemic, is to discuss this later this week.

Indirect printing has appeared in the past few days due to the abolition of the mask requirement in Spain from next Saturday and in France since Thursday. The CTS committee is also invited to decide on the reopening of discotheques and ballrooms.

The Aosta Valley is expected to join the rest of the country in the White Zone on June 28. Only 17 coronavirus deaths were reported nationwide on Sunday. Also, 881 new cases of infection were recorded. However, the delta version is cause for concern. From today (Monday), travelers from the UK, where this is more common, will have to undergo a five-day quarantine.

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