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Italy: Investigations against influential star Chiara Ferragni

Italy: Investigations against influential star Chiara Ferragni

Influential Italian star Chiara Ferragni is under investigation for fraud. Among other things, it is about raising funds for children with cancer.

The Milan prosecutor's office is investigating on Monday Against the influential Italian star Chiara Ferragni on charges of fraud.

These matters relate to the marketing of a birthday cake she had “designed” for the confectionery manufacturer Palocco. Panduro's popular marketing gave customers the impression that donations were being raised for children with cancer.

Donate regardless of sales numbers

The food company that produces the cake has promised to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Regina Margherita Children's Hospital in Turin. However, Balocco transferred €50,000 to the hospital long before the procedure – Regardless of actual sales figures.

The businesswoman and Balocco's company were fined one million euros by the Competition Bureau three weeks ago for “unfair business practices.”

But now things are getting worse for Virani, After the Milan Public Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation against her for fraud. She will be interviewed soon. Prosecutors are also reportedly investigating other charitable initiatives supported by the 36-year-old. Easter egg and doll campaigns may have had similar styles.

“I am sure that the investigation will show my innocence. I have complete confidence in the work of the judiciary and I was immediately available with my lawyers to work with them and clarify all the details of what happened as quickly as possible.” The businesswoman said in a statement on Monday.

The fashion influencer is also abroad, and is married to Italian rapper Fedez A mother of two children, she is known to many. In recent years, she has dominated gossip columns and social channels, even hosting her own reality show on television. In addition to her talent for sales, she increasingly commented on social issues.

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The investigation cost Ferragni dearly. Recently, Coca-Cola announced that it would no longer run a commercial featuring an influencer who was actually photographed. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni seized the issue as an opportunity There should be a new law for more transparency on the sites that are scanned.