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Italy is now studying the introduction of mandatory vaccination

Italy is now studying the introduction of mandatory vaccination

“This is the last call for vaccination. If we do not cross the threshold of 80 percent of the vaccinated population by September 15, we must consider some form of mandatory vaccination,” Health Minister Pierpaolo Celeri said in an interview with the daily. printing.

“I will protect people over the age of 40,” Sileri said. “We can’t slow down the normal functioning of hospitals any further.” In his opinion, the vaccination rate should be increased. “Because of the delta variant, which has been shown to be a lot more contagious we should increase it to 80 percent of the population. Probably a little more than that,” Sileri said.

Avoid closing

On the other hand, he is not convinced by compulsory vaccination in companies. “For the economy, an extension of the green corridor would make more sense than compulsory vaccination,” the foreign minister said. The green corridor must be linked to the path of the epidemic and be “very flexible” in order to “avoid closures and restrictions”.

“If the number of cases increases among those vaccinated due to a decrease in vaccination coverage in the past few months, a third dose should be given,” Sileri explained. The data must be checked in advance.

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