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Italy plans a campaign to save water and gas

The Italian government is planning a nationwide campaign to save water and gas. “We are considering a campaign that includes proposals to use resources in moderation. It is imperative that these messages be launched soon, because after the summer the period of increased consumption begins,” the Minister of Environmental Transformation, Roberto Cingolani, said today.

“The press pays great attention to energy and water issues, and this helps the citizens to become more aware of the problems we are facing,” Singolani said. Saving gas consumption in homes is very important. “The household sector accounts for 30 percent of consumption and 12 percent of emissions.”

Italy relies on enlightenment

“The first point in saving is to educate the public. If consumers are not aware of saving and reducing emissions, the policy is futile. If we reduce the average temperature by one degree or reduce heating times by one hour, we can save 1.5 to 2 billion cubic meters of gas annually,” said the minister.

The second point that Italy needs to work on is energy savings in buildings. Italy has an important and ancient real estate heritage, we are not a country where a building is demolished every ten years. “But big changes must be made,” he said.

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