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ITF Anapoema: Brave Kraus narrowly defeated in the final – ÖTV

ITF Anapoema: Brave Kraus narrowly defeated in the final – ÖTV

Krauss had her first two wins at the ITF W25 tournament last year. In the 40s class, which has been around since this year, it has come very close to its biggest coup. The first set was lost after their only drop of serve to 3:5 after the young ÖTV team did not take advantage of two chances to re-break serve in the next game. But in the second half she bravely fought her way back into the game after a quick 0:2 deficit, even managing to thwart two double break opportunities to make the score 0:3. She almost turned 1:3 into 5:3, and then in the next game at 0 :40 She had to make three saves herself to get to 4:5 and forced a third round with a good tiebreaker. There Kraus pulled back very quickly with 0:3. At 1:3 and 15:40 when Ross served, there was another chance to get back in the game, but it was not used. A little later, the preliminary decision with a double break was reduced to 1: 5, even if Kraus suffered a break for a short time. Another service loss in the eighth game finally decided the defeat in the final.

Despite the defeat: “I am very happy with my performance”

However, Kraus should gain a lot of positive things from her appearance compared to ÖTV: “It was definitely a very, very good match today. I’m also very happy with my performance. It took me a while to get there. Very good performance – and I had to come to terms with it a little bit at first, but I always held on to it and then really gave it my all and managed to win the second set.Unfortunately the third guy ran away relatively quickly with a 0:3 deficit.I had another chance To cut it down to 2: 3, but it served well at that moment.”Physically, Ross probably had a little more reserves: “Of course, the two matches before that also cost a lot of strength. Twice it was three sets, and she won everything in two. She probably played A small part in the end that she was able to go one step further – and my strength wasn’t enough.” However, that didn’t detract from the positive result: “It was a great atmosphere, and there were also a lot of people there to watch, it felt super comfortable. It was Still a very positive week.” At Annapoema, the two qualified least to the semi-finals in the doubles competition.

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