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Ivanovic comes to Linz, Upper Austria as an honored guest

Ivanovic comes to Linz, Upper Austria as an honored guest

Two-time WTA champion in the capital of Upper Austria in an interview.

The darling of tennis fans in Linz is back! Former world number one and two-time winner of the Linz Championships, Ana Ivanovic comes to the final weekend of the Upper Austria Women's Championship Linz as this year's guest of honor. Tennis fans at the Linz Design Center can look forward to, among other things, autograph sessions with the Serbian.

Ivanovic captured the hearts of tennis fans in Linz from the first moment. Because she embodies all the requirements needed to become a global star – and at the same time 'everyone's darling'. What did tournament director Sandra Reichel once say about Ivanovic? “Anna is an exemplary player – and very likable.” The Serbian won the Linz Women's Tennis Classic twice: in 2008 with a final victory over Russian Vera Zvonareva (6:2, 6:1), and in 2010 against Swiss Bate. Schneider (6:1, 6:2). On her way to the third blow, Angelique Kerber thwarted her plans in 2013: the German won the final over Ivanovic 6:4, 7:6 (6).

There's a lot to talk about when we see guest star Evanovic again. In the interview, the 36-year-old spoke about her special memories of Linz, why the tournament earned the promotion to 500th and what she and her family love about life in Austria. She has a home in Austria with her husband, German world football champion Bastian Schweinsteiger, and their three children.

What are your best memories of the tournament in Linz?

Ana Ivanovic: Of course I immediately think about winning the title. I remember a funny moment in the final against Vera Zvonareva in 2008 when one of the guys drew for us during the match and the winner got the picture. I still have the photo at home. That was a very wonderful and special memory. Player parties were always great too.

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There is a famous saying in Linz that says: “It starts in Linz.” Is there something that started for you here in Linz?

Ivanovic: It may sound strange, but I think I related to that quote more when I won the title for the second time. The beginning of 2010 was very difficult for me, so the win in Linz was a turning point and felt like the comeback I had been waiting for.

The Upper Austria Women's Championship Linz is now a WTA 500 tournament. Why does the tournament deserve to be promoted to WTA 500 status and how can Linz and Upper Austria benefit from a tournament like this?

Ivanovic: Linz has a strong history. The best players have always enjoyed playing here. Sandra and her team do an amazing job of making everyone feel welcome. So I think they very much deserve the 500th spot.

You are close to football through your husband, Bastian Schweinsteiger. Is there anything that separates tennis from football?ßCan learn the ball, or wShTwo responses say that the footßBall can learn more from tennis?

Ivanovic: It's really nice to have a spouse who also comes from professional sports because it gives us a special common ground. It is interesting to see the differences between team sports and individual sports. As an athlete in an individual sport, you have to make a lot of decisions on your own, which I really like. But it would be nice to play in a team that has the cohesion and ups and downs that you experience as a team. Despite the differences, a sport is just a sport, and at the highest level there are many similarities in terms of attitude and desire to be the best.

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When you see the many comebacks of “Tennis Moms”, do you ever think about making a comeback yourself?

Ivanovic: To be honest, I can't imagine going back right now. Life with three kids is very stressful and busy, but it's really nice to see other mums coming back. It's great because it shows what women can do. The life of a professional athlete is very difficult with all the travel and training, and it's amazing to see how women manage all that in addition to motherhood. When you become a mother, you see things from a different perspective and become calmer and more mature, and this benefits the mothers on tour!

We recently saw photos of you on a tennis court on Twitter. What are your secrets to staying fit and healthy these days?

Ivanovic: Growing up as an athlete, health and wellness were always very important to me and I tried to maintain that with the kids. I miss playing tennis the most, but I try to go to the gym two or three times a week, and sometimes I play with my husband. I hope I can play more ambitiously this year.

How do you manage all your daily business activities with your three children?

Ivanovic: Although it's hard to juggle everything, I love it because it allows me to have my own identity and passion projects outside of motherhood. I have always loved work and am grateful that I can maintain that side of me.

Finally, a question about Austria: You and your family have a home in Austria. What do you like about living in Austria?

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Ivanovic: We love spending time in Austria. The people are very friendly and life here is simply beautiful. Skiing is fun for the whole family, and we're all big fans of the Kaiserschmarrn. It may not be the healthiest food, but we burn calories on the slopes.

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