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Jack Miller motorcycle racer stuck in Australia!

Jack Miller motorcycle racer stuck in Australia!

( – Bad news from Australia: Ducati pilot Jack Miller has tested positive for coronavirus and is therefore not allowed to fly to Europe. After the bad news, employer Ducati is looking for a new date for the team presentation planned for January 28 (team presentations overview).

Jack Miller is currently banned from leaving Australia


“Unfortunately, I am still here at home in Australia because the test results were positive,” Miller said in a video shared on his social media channels. “I am not allowed to travel at the moment and I will miss the team show.”

The omicron wave has also reached Australia. Cases are up in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Fortunately, Jack Miller says she was not badly damaged. A Ducati rider does not have to give up his training.

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“I want to tell you that I am fine and have no symptoms. I can continue my training on the farm. But at this point I am not allowed to travel,” he laments the fourth World Cup match. Moto GP 2021 season.

Miller returned to Australia in early December after spending the year in Europe. The MotoGP rider celebrated his comeback by competing in the Australian Superbike season finale (which Miller witnessed at a guest start).

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