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James Webb's photos almost brought tears to NASA's chief astronomer

James Webb’s photos almost brought tears to NASA’s chief astronomer

When he first looked at images taken with the new James Webb Telescope (JWST), he had almost crying. That’s how impressive the images from the new space telescope are, he said Chief astronomer at NASA Thomas Zurbuchen.

I was similarly affected by him Representative Pam Millroy: “What I saw brought me emotionally touched – as a scientist, as an engineer and as a human.” However, the audience will have to wait a few more days before they can look at the eagerly awaited images.

emotional moments

“that it emotional momentWhen you see how nature suddenly reveals some of its secrets At a NASA press conference Expectations for the first JWST images are even higher.

In the July 12 It’s time for NASA to take the first color photos of 10 billion dollars Deploying a telescope is expensive. What you will see next is not just an image, it is a file A new view of the worldannounced the chief astronomer at NASA.

JWST works fine

Space telescope in good condition, it’s there Do not worryNASA researchers confirmed after there was early June I was given a moment of shock. One of the main mirrors was actually from Micrometeorites he met. These are particles the size of a grain of dust that are hurtling through space at extremely high speeds.

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