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Jeff Lowe: “Tiger King” profile rushed to hospital

Jeff Lowe, 53, is one of the most popular television viewers of Netflix’s hit “Tiger King”. He entered the series as a somewhat skeptical party boy, and then he took over the Joe Exotic Zoo.

Friday night reports TMZ Lowe was taken to hospital earlier this month, something his wife Lauren confirmed to the newspapers. The TV profile is said to have suffered a stroke and was found unconscious at a casino in Oklahoma.

– I thought he was dead in my arms, says his wife, who was rushed to the hospital by air ambulance.

Someone allegedly tried to encourage her husband, but Lauren added that doctors had not yet determined the cause of the stroke.

Numerous tests also revealed that nothing abnormal was found in Lowe’s blood. After three days in the hospital, the TV profile will now return home, but will struggle with coordination and speech, according to his wife.

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– We are ready

Jeff Lowe became a saving angel in “Tiger King” who left the GW Zoo and Joe Exotic Money Problems. However, he does not have clean flour in the bag (it does), and he ends up being one of those people who makes sure to get the glamor behind the walls.

In August last year, Lowe was able to reveal that the Tiger Park was closed – for good. He announced a decision Facebook posts, And blamed the pressure on animal protection organization Betta for choosing to close.

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The “Tiger King” event has definitely changed our lives in many ways. It’s more focused on us than anything human deserves, better or worse, “he wrote in the post.

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“It continues to be a goal for every animal rights activist in the world, but we are ready,” he continued.

The 53-year-old wrote that he had voluntarily handed over the license to buy and sell large cats to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) because the park was being closed.