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Jemm Music Project at Gasthof Hinteregger

Jemm Music Project at Gasthof Hinteregger

A musical journey between world tribal music and cosmic influences on July 22 in Matrei.

Drawing on global music influences, the JEMM Music Project immerses the six musicians around percussionist Max Castlunger in a globalized context. In doing so, they distance themselves from the old tribal music to encounter it in a new way in the presence of improvisation and dance music.

Ancient African tools meet Caribbean steel pans and their latest development, hand frying pans. The drum assembly separates from the leather and replaces it entirely with wood, resulting in wooden drums. Electric bass and vibraphone bring ancient rhythms to the present, while wind instruments build a bridge to the great cosmic bands of the 1970s.

Jemm Music Project will be playing on Friday 22nd July 2022 at 8pm at Gasthof Hinterger in Matrei. Submission is free!

A wish from the musicians to the audience: not just to listen and watch, but actively participate with sound, movement and applause – so that the concert becomes an intense emotional and sensory experience!

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