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Jeunet director accepts how it goes

Jeunet director accepts how it goes

“It pains me, of course, that many of the shops that existed 20 years ago are now gone,” said the 67-year-old from Süddeutsche Zeitung (Saturday). But that is exactly what is happening in other cities like New York. New restaurants, new stores… Our generation mourns hippies, and the younger generation will mourn their favorite cell phone stores at some point. So it is. The director of ‘Delicatessen’ or ‘Alien – Die Wiedergeburt’ sees Amelie – released in German cinemas on August 16, 2001 – as a film about his life: ‘Even today, tourists stand in front of the café in Montmartre, where we shot some scenes and took pictures. Selfie. It feels ‘a great privilege for something so personal to me to become something that can be described as a social phenomenon’.

Emily wouldn’t be possible today.

The movie changed his life. “The beautiful house I now live in in Provence, I could only buy it because of ‘Amelie’. And if I could not stand the chirping of cicadas here, I would go back to Paris.” He is still in contact with lead actress Audrey Tautou (44) – “But she hasn’t worked for 2 or 3 years. At the moment she is looking after her baby girl, but I hope she plays again soon.”

According to Jeunet, the movie is hardly possible today. “Very weird, very eccentric, very quirky.” In the world of movies, but also in fashion, “today only the people who come from marketing are in charge,” says Jonnet. “Netflix saved me. They sent me the money I need to make a sci-fi comedy within 24 hours. The movie will be released in early 2022.”

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