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Job hunting: Max Cruise wants to move to America – but his wife won’t

Job hunting: Max Cruise wants to move to America – but his wife won’t

Max Cruise is without a club. The former national player has often been linked with a move to the US. He can imagine emigrating, but his wife probably doesn’t.

Former Wolfsburg resident Max Kruse has confirmed his desire to move back to the US. “I don’t know if it’s forever, but I love America as a country, I love the mentality,” the 34-year-old former international said in a video interview on YouTube account Leeroy Matata.

Ms. Cruz does not want to go to America

“My English is really good, very good. I can relate and it’s gotten better over the years. It’s not good at school,” Cruz said. Because his 11-year-old son lives in Florida, the attacker has long been linked to a move to Major League Soccer (MLS) in North America. “If you’re in America every year, sometimes six weeks. At some point you learn that,” Cruz said.

His wife Dilara Cruz said in the video that she likes her current residence in Berlin and does not want to move to America. “It’s not there yet. He knows I’ll be with him, but will I be happy? Well, I don’t want it, but I have to, he’s my husband,” she said. It is conceivable that Max Kruse lived in both places. “I can imagine traveling very well, but sharing my house. So half in America, half here,” he said.

The retired striker mutually terminated his contract with his former club VfL Wolfsburg in November. In early September, Kroos was sidelined by coach Niko Kovac and has not played for Wolves since. VfL officials accused him of a lack of professionalism and thus a bad influence on the rest of the team. (dpa/yj)