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Job in Contact Tracing: What Should Applicants Do?

Job in Contact Tracing: What Should Applicants Do?

Given the increasing number of infections, Carinthia is looking for contact tracing tools that will be used to trace the contacts of infected people. As the state press service announced in a Tuesday broadcast, that additional contact tracing tools are being sought in order to cover the expected peak in fall, there is currently no delay in contact tracing.

The move is related to the fact that the armed forces are no longer active in contact tracing, and now they want to deal with their employees for the time being. Work is carried out on the basis of independent service contracts of no more than six months. According to the state, working hours are flexible and payment is made on an hourly basis (€15 total hour on working days and €20 total hour on weekends).

Contact tracing tools collect, among other things, data on suspected cases, the pronunciation of verbal secretions, or assign suspected cases to official testing methods. People with experience in managing conflict and complaints are preferred when applying.

Applicants must have excellent written and spoken German, very good computer skills and be willing to work on the weekends. Flexibility is just as important as confidentiality.

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