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Johannes Thingnes Baugh wins the sprint in Hochfilzen - DSV stars around Benedikt Doll miss best result

Johannes Thingnes Baugh wins the sprint in Hochfilzen – DSV stars around Benedikt Doll miss best result

The praise came from qualified sources. “He did it admirably, and that gives a good wind. He proved he belongs on the team. That was a good move,” said ZDF expert Laura Dallmeier.

What he meant was Justus Strelow: The 25-year-old was surprisingly the best German in the sprint in ninth and created a good position for the chaser on Sunday.

As the sole skier of the German Ski Federation (DSV), Strelow lived up to expectations in the impressive victory for Bö – and incidentally also the base for his home world championships in Oberhof. He was happy in return after the best result of his career.


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“Das freut mich, dass ich vor so einer tollen Kulisse mein bestes Rennen gemacht habe. Es hat Spaß gemacht”, sagte Strelow, zuletzt in Kontiolahti schon 13. Dass er sich damit das begehrte WM-Ticket sicherte, sei “sehr wichtig und sehr Good”.

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German upstarts around Kühn and Doll stay behind

On the other hand, the emotional state of the rest of the German men’s team was during the day After the victory of Dennis Herman Wik mixed. Benedikt Doll was the closest to making friends with the 14th-place finisher, especially since he had the fourth-best time over the 10km. That’s why the road race, which was changed due to a lack of snow, “wasn’t as wrong as it sounds. But the three shooting mistakes broke my neck,” Dole said on “ZDF.”

Roman Reis (2 losses) ranked 30 and David Zobel (3) were disappointed after their recent strong performances in Kontiolahti. Ranked 56th, Zobel had to shudder for a long time around the pursuer at 12.5 km. Two months before the home title fights, this was my first small setback. The German men’s team can already make amends in the 4×7.5km relay on Saturday.

On Saturday, in addition to the men’s relay (1:40 p.m.), the women’s pursuit (11:30 a.m.) is also on the program – with great prospects for Herrmann-Wick. The women’s relay (11:30 a.m.) and the men’s pursuit (2:15 p.m.) All races are held on Eurosport and Beyond. Discover +) at the end of the World Cup on Sunday.
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