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Johnson ahead of COP26: Earth lags 1:5 in climate

Shortly before the start of the UN climate conference COP26, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for a race to catch up on climate protection. “Humanity as a whole is behind 1:5 in the first half,” Johnson said today during his trip to the G20 summit in Rome. “We have a chance to equalise, save the situation and come back, but it will take a lot of strength,” the prime minister said, according to British media.

The COP26 conference, which begins tomorrow in Glasgow, Scotland, is the last chance to prevent global warming from rising more than 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial era.

Johnson referred to the story. “When something goes wrong, it can go wrong at an extraordinary rate,” he said. “It was seen with the fall of the Roman Empire, and I fear that if we fail to combat climate change, we could also see our civilization, our world, fall.”

Sturgeon: “The Last Chance”

According to Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the COP26 meeting is “the greatest opportunity, if not the last, for the world to avert climate catastrophe”. Sturgeon called for a “good outcome” from the World Climate Conference and asserted: “If you only talk in Glasgow and you don’t succeed, you will be caught quickly.”

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