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Johnson & Johnson: US approval sought for booster vaccine

Unlike other vaccines, a single dose is officially sufficient for the J&J vaccine. According to the company, the second dose administered approximately two months (56 days) after the first dose of clinical study in the United States was 94 percent effective against mild to severe cases and 100 percent 14 days after the second injection. Matthew Maman, head of research and development at J&K subsidiary Jansen, said Tuesday.

A sting with Johnson & Johnson so far

At the same time, Mummen stressed that a vaccine like J&J, which requires a single dose for “long-term protection,” “plays a crucial role in vaccinating the world’s population.” The vaccine has been urgently approved in the United States since February 2021 and has been given to 15 million people to date. This is much lower than the Biontech / Pfizer (229.3 million) and Moderna (152 million) vaccines. However, with Biotech / Pfizer and Moderna, two doses are required for the full protective effect.

The FDA said its expert panel will review the applications of Johnson & Johnson and competitor Moderna on October 14 and 15. In September, U.S. authorities approved booster vaccines with the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine.

J&J: A second MRNA vaccine is recommended immediately

A second vaccine is recommended for people in Austria who have been vaccinated with the “single vaccine” by Johnson & Johnson National Vaccine Board In its enhanced application recommendations. The second vaccination is recommended with an MRNA vaccine (Moderna or Biontech / Pfizer) and should be carried out immediately, but not earlier than 28 days after the first vaccination.

In this context, the vaccination team stated that men and women are explicitly recommended to be vaccinated if they wish to have children, that there is no specific interval required to conceive, and that vaccination is recommended for pregnant women – the last two should be vaccinated with MRNA during the first three months of pregnancy. The vaccine recommendation also applies to breastfeeding; Because of the presence of SARS-CoV2 antibodies in breast milk, breastfeeding should not be given on the background of vaccination.

A second vaccination with Johnson is also possible

As for the second vaccine, according to Johnson & Johnson, it can be done with Johnson as well. This is a possible and off-label application with good education and documentation. It is important to respond quickly to current scientific findings to implement better protection.

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